Our Services Include:

  • · Free ATM Placement
  • · Free ATM Installation
  • · Free ATM Programming
  • · Free ATM 24/7 Monitoring
  • · Free ATM 24/7 Service Calls
  • · Free ATM Vaulting Services
  • · Free ATM Cash Replenishment
  •  Free Cash Loading/ Replenishment

ATM BIZ Services will place a brand new ATM terminal in your business without any cost to you. Depending on the surcharge and number of transactions, your business will create additional residual income to help increase profits and pay for overhead expenses.

Each of our clients have their own unique demand for cash!

· Airports/ Cab  Rides
· Nightlife, Bar, Restaurants
· Pay for Valet, Bellman, Tips
· Tourist Need $$ 
· Convenience/ Extra Purchases
· Put a $5 or $10 Minimum
· No Need to Offer Cash Back
· Increase Your Foot Traffic
Bar/ nightclub
· 80% of Cash Withdrawn Will be Spent at the Venue
· Solve Cash Only Cover Charge Issues
· Save $ from Every Cash Transactions Made
· Risk Management Play– Have Cash Available for customers for cab Rides
Cash only restaurant
· Solves a Problem with no Fees
· Creates Additional Income
· Cash is King
Special events
· No Event too Small or too Big
· Installs Mobile ATMs
· Install up to 45 Machines
· Comes with its own Power Supply


Qualcomm Stadium 

ATM Biz Services, LLc

Pumpkin Patches

What is ATM BIZ Services?

ATM BIZ Services is a privately owned and operated ATM placement company that places ATM terminals inside various businesses, special events, and festivals. We started in beautiful San Diego,  grew into Diamond Bar and our new Headquarters Ventura, California. Our goals is to deliver valuable and quality services to any business that can benefit from our ATM machine We only use brand-new ATM machines, which have full color screens. Use wireless data processing and guarantee less than 10 seconds per transaction. No phone lines are required.


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Rose Bowl Tailgate

To inquire about ATM BIZ Services, LLC please contact Patty Kaupang 

Phone: 805-218-2010
E-mail: Patty@camdiatm.com


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Free ATM Placement

 ATM biz service will place an ATM terminal in your business for Free, we will also provide you with monthly reports and give you a portion of the ATM revenue. Depending on the volume, this could generate an additional $50 to $1000 per month for your business at no cost to you!


We are committed to:

  • · Providing Quality Service
  •   Providing Cash to Costumers
  • · Creating Additional for Businesses
  • · Customer satisfaction

We provide:

  • · Free ATM Placement
  • · Free Processing
  • · 24/7 monitoring
  • · Cash Replenishment